Jordan’s Closet

On Tuesday

Jordan’s Closet Grand Reopening Guidelines

  1. Beginning on Tuesday, August 4th, Jordan’s Closet will open once weekly on most Tuesdays  from 5-7pm.
  2. Friends shopping at Jordan’s Closet must agree to the following conditions:
  3. You must provide your first and last name and telephone number so that you can be contacted if a case of coronavirus is reported by anyone attending the closet.
  4. You must agree to notify the church @ 336-824-2252 if you are diagnosed with coronavirus within 14 days of attending the closet.
  5. You must agree to having your temperature taken with a touchless thermometer before going upstairs. If your temperature is 100.4F degrees you will not be allowed upstairs and you will be advised to get tested for coronavirus.
  6. Hand sanitizer must be used before going upstairs (provided).
  7. A mask covering nose and mouth must be worn the entire time you are in the church (will be provided if you don’t have one).
  8. Use of the bathrooms and water fountains is prohibited.
  9. No children younger than 16 upstairs. No child care provided.  No children playing in the Sunday school room.
  10. No more than 5 people will be allowed upstairs at one time and social distancing of remaining 6 feet away from people not in your household will be in effect. If there is a need, the hours of opening may be extended, but the closet will remain closed on Mondays.