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September 2022:   Brown House – Soon to Become “The Well”

Have you noticed something missing on Main St? A few weeks ago, we finally saw the Brown House come down. I know this has been met with mixed emotions. For some, there were many memories tied to this house. I have also heard from community folks that wonder why we didn’t use it as a shelter or for another ministry. The reality was that the repairs needed to make the little house usable again were going to be more than it was worth. An entire wall needed to be rebuilt with new supports underneath it as well as plumbing that did not work. The most faithful thing we could do was tear it down to build back something new, and that is precisely what we will do. We already have architectural drawings for an outdoor shelter to go on this site. This shelter will serve as a place for outdoor worship, community meals, families to have picnics, community gatherings, or just simply as a place for people to enjoy when they come downtown.

Just a few feet down from where we will build the shelter is the location of the old town well. The well was a place where the community would gather to share stories, fellowship, and receive the life-giving water they needed for day-to-day life. We see the shelter doing the same; it will be called The Well because we see it as a place for our modern day community to gather, fellowship, and receive the loving water of Jesus that is needed for our day to day lives.

Our vision is that it will be a place for all of Ramseur and not just our church.



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