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Our Lenten theme this year is Between the Trees. Genesis tells us that in the beginning there was a garden, and in that a garden a tree of life. Revelation 22 tells us about a river and again the tree of life. Scripture starts and ends with a tree. Therefore, we are living in a time we can call between the trees. We are going to follow this them throughout Lent and see what it means to live between the trees. We will travel to Capernaum and see how Jesus lived between two cultures. We will then go to Magdala where we see women finding their role in between the trees of a male dominated society; we will look at the Beatitudes and Jesus’ sermon for those caught in between political and religious oppression. Week four we will be going to Bethany and seeing Jesus restore life to Lazarus finding hope and life in the middle of our trials. Palm Sunday we will find Jesus between the trees of what was expected of a Messiah versus what he came to do, Maundy Thursday we will find Jesus between the trees in the garden of Gethsemane, Good Friday between the trees of two crosses, and finally on Easter between the trees in the Garden tomb. As you can see, scripture is full of these in between the tree moments, and that is where we are. We hope you can join us for this Lenten journey as we journey between the trees and learn what that means for us in our own stories as we find ourselves living between the trees.




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